How do I download a new VR Space?

Follow these steps to view a space that has been scanned with a Matterport Camera.

Use WiFi to download a new VR Space so it won’t eat into your cellular data plan. Most Spaces take 20 to 30 MB depending on how many scan positions in the Space.

If you're having trouble opening a VR Space, update the Matterport VR app.


1) Scan the QR Code

Download a QR code reader app to your smartphone if you do not have one.


Any QR code reader app will work. For Android, we suggest Google Goggles. For iOS, we suggest Quick Scan.

iOS users can also 3D touch the Chrome app to open a QR reader (iPhone 6S or later and if you have Chrome app).

Aim the QR reader at the QR code for your Space.


2) Open with Matterport VR

Open the link. The exact flow depends on which QR code reader app you use.


For Google Cardboard, tap Matterport VR (Cardboard).

For Samsung Gear VR, tap Matterport VR (Gear VR).


Your web browser (Safari or Chrome) will open automatically.

Tap the Explore Space in VR button.


3) Insert Smartphone into Headset

The VR Space will start downloading.


After downloading, select the blue Play icon ▶️️  to explore the Space.

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