How do I navigate inside the Matterport VR app?

Open the Matterport VR app, insert the phone into the headset, and hold up to your eyes.

The Matterport VR home screen appears as below.

  • Gallery - Interesting Spaces provided by Matterport
  • Preloaded Spaces - Spaces that come with the Matterport VR app 
  • Recently Viewed - Spaces you’ve looked at recently
  • Shared With Me - Spaces you've viewed by scanning a QR code or clicking on a link

Look at (hover cursor over) the eye icon to select an option.

Choose a VR Space you want to visit.

Select the blue Play icon ▶️️  to open the VR Space.

Enjoy the VR Space!

You can look left, right, up, down, and even behind you!

Move to a new spot by looking at the blue circle.

Return to the home screen by looking at the ground.

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