Guided Tour Best Practices

A "Guided Tour" is just an automatic progression through the Highlight Reel once the user presses the Play button.

Creating a Guided Tour for your Matterport Space is easy. Just follow these three steps.

Read about what makes a Guided Tour good or bad.

For the best possible user experience here's a list of our best practices below. 


Explore the Space First

Before collecting Snapshots, explore the Space in Inside View, Dollhouse View, and Floorplan View to get a feel for it.


Choose your Highlights

Not every room has to be part of the Guided Tour. Choose the only the main rooms of the property to give visitors a taste of what the Space is like. Visitors can always stop and explore on their own.


Keep it Short

A short tour keeps users engaged and avoids boredom. Aim for a tour about 60 seconds long (minimum 30 seconds, maximum 90 seconds) from when they press Play.


Plan your Path

Print out the floorplan and plan your path on paper first. Planning your path helps you create an evenly spaced, natural experience.

You can also preview the path in Showcase. First take some Snapshots, add them to the Highlight Reel and Publish. Open 3D Showcase and switch to Floorplan View. Hover your mouse over a highlight to see the path from your current position to there.


Navigate around Furniture

If there is furniture between two points, the Guided Tour will walk over or through them. This can be an awkward user experience.

Instead, plan your path so there is an unobstructed path between Snapshots. Preview the path in Showcase as described earlier.


Avoid Sharp Turns and Hooks

Hooks are sharp turns around a corner followed by a sudden stop. This can lead to a jarring user experience. See the picture below for an example. Plan your path well to avoid hooks.



Keep Transitions Short

Don’t create transitions that span the length of an entire property. Instead create a path with even transition times from one scan point to another.

A good rule of thumb is to place every Snapshot within a line of sight to a previous Snapshot or in adjacent rooms.


Refine your Snapshots

Don't be afraid to take a new snapshot at a different scan position or a different angle for the best possible user experience. 


Stay Flexible

Finally, the above guidelines are just tips, not strong requirements. In the end, do what you think is best for the best possible user experience.


Fine Tune Panning (Optional)

While a Guided Tour is playing, you will notice a gentle pan when viewing each Highlight. The direction of this pan is determined by the location of the next Highlight. 

For example, suppose highlight C is to the up and right relative to highlight B. Once the slideshow opens highlight B, your viewpoint will slowly pan to the right. You can use this fact to create continuity, or deliberate change between between Highlights.

You can also turn off panning completely by adding the extra URL parameter &kb=0 when you embed the 3D Showcase.

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