Creating a Fullscreen iframe Within Hosted Web Sites

On WIX, and other similar "What You See Is What You Get" web hosting platforms, the full screen iframe option is not supported.  To get around this, we recommend embedding your model using the following HTML code as an example.

<div style="width:853px">


<iframe width="853px" height="480px" src="" frameborder="0">



<div align="right"><a href="" target="_blank">Fill browser window</a>



Use the guide below to help adjust the code example to best suit your needs.

Orange - These figures refer to the height and width of your model within the webpage. While 853 pixels wide and 480 pixels high is the default here, you’re welcome to change these measurements. However, if you change the width from 853px, make sure to change it in both locations within the code.  

Red - This determines the location of the text link relative to the model. In this case, it’s set to align with the right corner of the model. You can change this to either “center” or “left” to change the link’s alignment property.

Green - This is the 3D Showcase link parameter.  In this case, the “&play=1” parameter automatically loads the model.  You can remove this or append more parameters to the end of the link.  Learn more about parameters here.

Purple - This is the branded 3D Showcase link.  You’ll have to change both links so they correlate to the model you would like to embed.

Blue - By default the link allowing fullscreen access to your model says, “Fill browser window.” However, you’re welcome to change that to anything you feel is more suitable, like the term “Fullscreen.”

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