FAQ: Schematic Floor Plans


How much does a Schematic Floor Plan cost?
Schematic Floor Plans cost US$14.99 (€15 or £13) per floor plan. This includes all floors in the property, for Matterport Spaces up to 10,000 ft² (930 m²). 

For Matterport Spaces over 10,000 ft² (929 m²) and less than 25,000 ft² (2300 m²) you will be charged for 2 orders (US$29.98, €30, or £26). Please contact us for more details on Schematic Floor Plans for large Matterport Spaces.

Spaces over 25,000 ft² (2300 m²) are not supported.

How will I be charged?
Schematic Floor Plans are billed on your next invoice to the credit card on file.



What format do the Schematic Floor Plans come in?
Each individual floor is delivered as a separate PNG and SVG file. All floors are also delivered as a one-page PDF.
Can I get my Schematic Floor Plan in other formats?
At the moment, we provide floor plans in PNG, SVG and PDF format. 
What size are the Schematic Floor Plan images?
The default size for the PNG files is 2730 width x 2048 height in pixels.
How accurate are Schematic Floor Plans?
Measurements provided on floor plans (linear measurements between opposing walls) are generally accurate to within 0 to 2% of reality, but we cannot guarantee this tolerance for all measurements and all scanned environments.

Measurement standards can vary widely depending on the property type, intended use, and your locale, so please check the local measuring standards in your region and industry to make sure that Matterport floor plans are compliant.

Matterport floor plans are for illustrative purposes only. Read Best Practices for Schematic Floor Plans for more information.

Can I remove the Matterport logo?
No, the logo is part of the delivery.
Do you support other languages?
Currently we only support English. We are evaluating demand for other languages.
Do you support any country specific requirements?
No, currently not.



What if a room is mislabeled or measured incorrectly?
Contact Matterport Support and indicate which parts are incorrect and what it should be instead. Include the link to the Space and the email of the person who placed the order.
Is there a fee to get a Schematic Floor Plan corrected in case of an error?
There is no fee to get a new Schematic Floor Plan if there was an error.
What if I have special requirements or exclusion requests for labeling or dimensions?
Contact Matterport Support and describe your requirements BEFORE you place your order. Please include the Space link and your email address so we can get in touch with you.
I received an email saying there's an error with my Schematic Floor Plan order. What do I do?
Contact Matterport Support and include the Space link and email address of the person who placed the order.
It's been two business days and I haven't received my Schematic Floor Plan.
Check your spam folder. If you still don’t see an email, check the Space Detail Page for the Download Floor Plan button. If it still says "Processing"contact Matterport Support and include the Space link and email address of the person who placed the order.</div



How do I enable users on my account to order Schematic Floor Plans?
I’m an Account Owner. If I enable this, who can order a Schematic Floor Plan?
If enabled, then any collaborator with Editor access to a Space can order a Schematic Floor Plan.
As an Account Owner, do I get notified every time a Schematic Floor Plan is ordered?
Currently there are no emails to admins upon order or completion. However the person who did order the Schematic Floor Plan does get an email when it is ready.



I enabled my account to order Schematic Floor Plans. How do I place an order?
I don’t see an order button on my Cloud page. How do I order?
Your Account Owner must enable Schematic Floor Plan ordering for your organization's account. 

If a collaborator placed an order and an error occurred, then the Get Schematic Floor Plan button will not appear. Please contact Matterport Support and include the Space link, email of the person who ordered, and any error messages received.

Can I place a Schematic Floor Plan order as soon as I upload the Space?
Orders can only be placed once the Space is finished processing.
Does the Space have to be public?
Yes, the Space has to be public in order for the Schematic Floor Plan to be created. Once the Floorplan is complete you can make the Space private again.
Will I be notified when a Schematic Floor Plan order is placed?
No, there is no order confirmation email at this time. There will be a confirmation pop up on the screen when your order is successfully placed.
How long does it take to get a Schematic Floor Plan?
1 to 2 business days from the time the order is placed. Please note that business days do not include weekends or holidays. 



Will I be notified when my Schematic Floor Plan is ready to download?
Yes, the person who placed the order will receive an email to their Cloud (my.matterport.com) email address when the Schematic Floor Plan is ready.
How do I download a Schematic Floor Plan?
Can I download more than one copy of the Schematic Floor Plan?
Yes, you can download as many copies of your Schematic Floor Plan as you like. Once it has been ordered and complete, the Download Schematic Floor Plan button will always be visible (as long as the feature is enabled on the account and you are a collaborator with edit access).
Can other collaborators download a copy of the Schematic Floor Plan?
The Download Schematic Floor Plan button will display on the Space Detail Page for any collaborator with edit access.
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