Space Statistics

Space statistics is a Matterport Cloud feature that shows how many people have viewed your Matterport Spaces.

Your statistics are updated on a daily basis. If you're having trouble viewing your statistics, try the steps below: 

  1. Log out and log back in
  2. Temporarily disable any ad blocker plugin
  3. Login with a different web browser 


Access statistics for a single space

Follow the instructions below to access a specific space's statistics: 

  1. Go to, and click on the space where you want to view statistics
  2. Once the page loads, click the Statistics headerstats.png
  3. View statistics for Impressions, Visits, and Unique Visitors



Access statistics for several spaces

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Statistics icon in the top navigation barScreen_Shot_2020-01-14_at_7.30.17_AM.png
    • This is your Space Statistics page - here you can view statistics across all your Spaces, or for all of Spaces in a given folder.


Download a CSV file with all your Space Statistics

  1. In the Space Statistics page, take the following actions
    • Filter by timeframe (left)
    • Click Select Folder (right) to choose a folder 
  2. Click the Export Data buttonScreen_Shot_2020-01-14_at_7.36.42_AM.png
    • You'll receive an email when your download is ready. From here you can export the CSV file into Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, or your favorite spreadsheet software.

Who can see space statistics? 

  1. Administrators
    • Can see statistics for all Spaces and all folders.
  2. Collaborators
    • Can see statistics only for Spaces you granted Editor access to.
    • Statistics are not shown for Spaces that have view-only access.
  3. General Public
    • No one outside your organization account can see your Space Statistics.

What do the numbers mean? 


An impression is when the page with Matterport Showcase loads successfully. For embedded spaces, an impression is counted before a user clicks the play button to load the space.  


A visit is when the space loads successfully and is ready to explore. For embedded spaces, a visit is counted after a user clicks the play button.

Unique Visitors

Number of visits from distinct users - as such, unique visitors is always a lesser metric than visits.

The difference between visits and unique visitors: The visit metric can be counted multiple times from the same user - in other words, one user can load your space's page, or the model on that page, as many time as he or she wants, and each of these loads and page views would count as a visit. Alternatively, the unique visitor can't be compounded with each page load - this means on any given page, the maximum unique visitor metric is one.  

Timelines: Lifetime, 30 days, 7 days  

By default, you see Lifetime data which means all the data since Matterport started tracking in October 2015. You can also change the timeframe to be only within the last 7 days or last 30 days.


Space statistics FAQ 

Why don't my Matterport Spaces have any data?

Spaces need to be set to Public to register an impression or visit.

If you haven't shared your Space or posted it online it won't have any data.

Spaces viewed in VR or through the offline iOS app will not register impressions or visits.

Activity to your Space before October 2015 is not included. If you stopped sharing your Space after October 2015 then your Space will not have any data. 

My private Space has data - was there a breach?

No worries! Space statistics includes impressions and visits by you and your collaborators on Matterport Cloud. So you are seeing your own activity.

Why doesn't this data doesn't match my web analytics?

Differences in the way your web analytics treats time can lead to a mismatch on any statistic - read about these differences in the list below. 

I've enabled Password protection on my Showcase. Will I still receive statistics for it?

Yes. A view gets counted as normal when a user has input the right password and loads the space.


Dates are displayed in UTC timezone (Universal Coordinated Time, similar to Greenwich Mean Time). If your web analytics uses a different timezone, the numbers will not match your Matterport Space statistics.  

Starting dates

Space statistics only go back to October 2015. Spaces older than this may undercount lifetime impressions, visits, and visitors.  

Traffic Sources

Views which occur in the Space Details Page within Matterport Cloud are counted towards your total traffic. This can include visits by you, admins, and collaborators in Matterport Cloud. This data is not counted by your own website analytics.    

How do impressions, visits, and unique visitors affect statistics? 


An impression is registered when someone views a page with an embedded 3D Showcase, or when they click on a link to a public Space.

  1. If your impressions are lower than your web analytics:
    • Hero images or site embeds didn't work for some reason. For example, the page was opened in a browser that didn't support WebGL, or the user simply abandoned the page before the embedded hero image could load and log an impression. 
  2. If impressions are higher than your web analytics:
    • Your Matterport Space was opened from outside your website. For example, the link was shared on Facebook, by email, or the Space was viewed in Matterport Cloud by you or your collaborators.


A visit is registered when a Space loads successfully.

  1. If visits are lower than your web analytics:
    • If a user clicks on the 3D Showcase play button and abandons the page before finished loading, no visit is counted. Your web analytics only count a visit as soon as a user clicks the play button

Unique Visitors

  1. The space statistics page shows a count of distinct visitors who successfully loaded the Space.
  2. Unique visitors must wait for the Space to finish loading for the metric to count.
    • If your web analytics is counting Space visitors based on clicks, the numbers will not match. Do not add unique visitor counts across time or across Spaces. That is, adding daily unique visitors over a 30-day timeframe will not give you an accurate count of monthly unique visitors. This is because the same person may come to your site on April 1 and again on April 5, and so would be counted twice using this method.
    • Likewise, adding unique visitors for Space 1 and Space 2 may double-count a user who visited both spaces. Unique visitors are only a best guess of the number of individuals who loaded a Space. If the same user opens the Space once in Chrome, once in Safari, and once on their mobile device, this counts as three separate visits. 
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