Create a Mattertag™ Post

Performance may be limited if you have 100 or more Mattertag™ Posts in your space.

Mattertag™ Posts are a great way to call out features, provide additional details, and add context to a Space.

First open Matterport Workshop. Select the Mattertag tool in the Workshop Toolbar.

Your cursor will turn into a Mattertag™ disc and stem surrounded by a placement sphere. These help you determine the anchor point for the Mattertag Post.

Move the cursor and the placement sphere will move along the surface. The placement sphere shows the underlying geometry rather than the panoramic imagery. If the sphere is black, that means there no underlying geometry and the Mattertag post will not appear in the 3D Showcase if placed there.


Underlying Geometry

Not everything can be used as an anchor point for a Mattertag Post. For example, look at the image below.

The placement sphere shows the cabinet in the background and not the light fixture. So you cannot directly place the Mattertag on the light fixture. This is because when scanning, no infrared data was captured from the light fixture so no 3D data appears in the underlying geometry.

This can also happen for glass tables, shiny black objects, or areas with lots of bright sunlight.

Instead of placing directly on the light, place the Mattertag post in a nearby location.


Place the Mattertag

Click to place the Mattertag Post in your Space.

The Mattertag disc will be tethered to the mesh with an anchor along with a preview of the title and description. 

Reposition your Mattertag Post by clicking on the dark grey circle and dragging to the desired location.


Edit Details

After placing your Mattertag Post the Asset Editor will open on the right.

From there you can:

  • Add a title (up to 60 characters)
  • Add a description (up to 1000 characters)
  • Adjust the stem height up to 9 ft 10 in (0 to 3 m). Default height is 8 in (0.2 m).
  • Toggle Visibility - Show or hide the entire Mattertag Post
  • Toggle Stem Visibility - Show or hide the anchor and stem

Preview your changes in the Viewport as you make them. This is how the Mattertag™ Post will appear in 3D Showcase.

Click Done in the Asset Editor when finished.

Click Publish at the upper right corner of Workshop to apply your changes.

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