Schematic Floor Plans: Download, Sample Floor Plan, & Square Footage

Download your Schematic Floor Plan

Your schematic floor plan will be ready within two business days from when the order was placed. You will receive an email when it is ready. Click the link in the email or login to Matterport cloud ( directly.

On the Space Details Page click on the Downloads tab to find your available Schematic Floor Plan.


This downloads a ZIP file with your Schematic Floor Plan in PNG, SVG and PDF formats. Each floor in the final Space is saved as both a PNG and SVG file.  The PDF file is a combination of all the floors in a single page document (PDF is not in vector file format). 

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Sample Schematic Floor Plan


For more information, here's the space to which this schematic floor plan corresponds.


Square Footage: Gross Internal Area (GIA)

Schematic Floor Plans now include GIA measurements. Gross internal area is defined as the floor area contained within the building, measured to the internal face of the external walls. The total GIA is at the bottom of every document included in the Zip file.


  • Floor area of the house from interior wall to interior wall
  • Small closets

Not included:

  • Exterior areas of the house such as decks, patios, and balconies
  • Garages
  • Areas below 5 ft (1.5 m) tall such as crawl spaces and under inclined ceilings


Areas below 5 ft (1.5 m) in height are indicated by a dotted line on your Schematic Floor Plan.

Each room has its own measurements. Measuring points for each room are indicated by the arrow marks on the walls.


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