How to Order a Schematic Floor Plan

Before you begin 

You must satisfy the following prerequisites to order a Floorplan: 

  1. You must enable Schematic Floor Plans on your account. 
  2. You must have a Professional plan or higher
  3. Your scan must have been taken only with a supported camera.


Check for issues 

Before you order, open your Matterport Space in Floorplan View to make sure it looks as expected.


Look for any crooked rooms or misalignments. Learn more.

If you notice any issues, go back to the model in the Capture app. Properly mark all windows and mirrors and trim out any extra "spray," then upload the model again for no additional processing fee. 

Place your order 

The Dollhouse and Floor Plan views must be enabled in the space's Settings and the Space must have Link Sharing enabled with no password to complete the Schematic Floor Plan. Matterport will not share your link beyond what is necessary to create your Schematic Floor Plan.

Open your Space in Matterport Cloud and click on FloorPlan under the Media tab.

You must have Editor access to this Space to place your order.


Click Buy. Choose imperial, metric, or both imperial and metric measurements. Select preferred Advanced options, then confirm the order by clicking the Place Order button.


We can only deliver floor plans for Matterport Spaces that are 25,000 square feet or less
The "Buy" button will now say "Floor Plan Processing..."


Processing Time

Your schematic floor plan should be ready within two business days. During times of unusually heavy demand, there may a delay of up to two additional business days. You will receive an email when your floor plan is ready to download. The "Floor Plan Processing" will then say "Download". Since all floor plans are created by an independent team, Customer Support has no visibility into when a floor plan might be finished.


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