Share a Matterport Space to Facebook

Preview Post

Preview your post beforehand to make sure it looks good.

  1. Login to Facebook.
  2. Open the Facebook Sharing Debugger.
  3. Copy and paste the sharing link for the Space and click Debug.


To change the thumbnail image, set your Start Position in Workshop.
To change the title and description, edit details for the Space in Matterport Cloud.


Create a Post

Open FacebookCopy and paste the link to the Matterport Space. Click Post.

Optional: After the thumbnail image appears, you can delete the URL from the text of the post.


Click the Link

When people click on the post, a new tab opens with the Matterport Space in full screen.

Currently, it is not possible to navigate through a Matterport Space directly from Facebook.


Change Title, Description, & Thumbnail

For changes to the title and description, first edit the Space's details in Matterport Cloud.

Then open Facebook and find the post. Open the triangle menu and then Refresh share attachment.


For changes to the thumbnail image, first change your Start Position. Then refresh the share attachment.

It may take 24 to 48 hours for Facebook to scrape the URL again and replace the thumbnail if you don't refresh the share attachment.

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