Matterport Spaces: Hosting and Processing

I. Hosting 

Every Matterport Space is hosted in the Matterport Cloud - this allows you to manage, edit, and share your Matterport Spaces from wherever you are. You will automatically be subscribed to the Matterport cloud upon purchasing a Matterport Pro, Pro2 3D or Pro Lite camera. Your Spaces will be stored securely and reliably in the Matterport Cloud so long as your subscription remains active.

II. Processing 

Every time you scan a Space using your Matterport Pro, Pro2 3D or Pro Lite Camera, you are collecting 2D and 3D data that will eventually be uploaded to the Matterport Cloud. Matterport uses Computer Vision - a technique suited to deal with massive amounts of visual data - to process every scan. This creates the final 3D Space that users can share with customers.

Processing can take quite some time, depending of course on the size of the scan - learn more about model processing times.

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