How do I create a video of my Matterport Space?

First, try downloading a teaser video of your Matterport Space. Teaser videos are great ways to give people a quick preview of your 3D Space, and they're great to share on social media.

However, teaser videos are automatically generated. To create a custom video, you'll have to use screen recording software to record your computer's screen while you explore the Space.

Then combine this footage with music, live action shots, drone footage, etc to make a complete marketing video that you can upload YouTube or Vimeo.

This requires some basic familiarity with video editing software.

For screen recording, there are many options, for example, Ice Cream Screen Recorder for Windows or Quicktime for Mac. You can also try Loom, which is a browser extension for Chrome (both Windows and Mac platforms). There may be better options available.

For video editing, there's also many options. For example, Windows Story Remix for Windows or Adobe Premiere for Mac.


Record a video of your Matterport space 

  1. Open your screen recording software and start recording.
  2. Open the Matterport Space in 3D Showcase. Switch to full screen mode.
  3. Navigate through the Space with keyboard shortcuts.
    • If you have a Highlight Reel, press the play button ▶️️ to walk through it.
  4. Return to your screen recording software and stop recording. Save the movie.
  5. Import the footage into your video editing software.
    • Crop out the beginning and the end where you opened 3D Showcase.
    • Add other materials such as music, live video, drone footage, and company branding.
  6. Export and share!


  1. Switch to fullscreen mode (bottom-right icon).Screen_Shot_2020-01-30_at_10.01.53_AM.png
  2. Minimize the "Name and Summary" box on the top-left.Screen_Shot_2020-01-30_at_10.04.49_AM.png
  3. Hide Mattertag™ Posts. 
    • To do this, hover over the Mattertag you want to hid, and hit the pencil icon. 
    • In the window that opens, press the "Hide" icon. Screen_Shot_2020-01-30_at_10.10.17_AM.png
  4. Press P on the keyboard to fine-tune your movement through 3D Showcase.


Show Sweeps Show or hide scan positions (grey circles on the floor)
Rotation Speed How quickly the field of view rotates  
Transition Time Duration of time when moving between scan positions 
Path Opacity Transparency of the path on the floor in a Guided Tour