Why did my model fail in processing?

The vast majority of models process successfully.

However, there are two main reasons why it might fail to process:

  • Processing Error  Any processing errors are automatically reported to Matterport's engineering team. Just upload your model again and usually this will fix it.
  • Unusual Models  Exceptionally large models are the most common cause of processing errors. If you deleted too many scans in the Capture app (more than 30% of total scans), the remaining data may not be enough for the model to align. In this case reloading may not help.

If you still have trouble processing your model please contact us.

You are billed for processing only when a Space has successfully processed. For example, if you upload at 9:30 pm on January 31st it may take several hours to process, and won't successfully complete until early on February 1st. It would then count for your February usage. The cutoff time is midnight UTC on the last day of the month.
Billing on when the model successfully completed processing (and not based on when you uploaded it) accounts for cases when a model takes a long time to process or fails to process the first time
If you receive a message that says "No changes have been made": Edit the name of the model or add or delete a marking and try again - this should resolve the issue. 
Keep in mind, these charges apply only to users who still have Classic plan subscriptions
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