Tips for Creating a High Quality 3D Showcase

Here's some quick tips to create a high quality user experience in 3D Showcase.

Download a PDF 📄 with these guidelines.


3D Showcase should be free of 'holes' in Dollhouse and Floorplan View

  1. Avoid holes in the Dollhouse by taking lots of scans while you are on-site.
  2. You'll want to fill in the black areas that appear in the preview pane in Matterport Capture.


Properly mark ALL windows and mirrors

  1. Use the Mark Features tool in Matterport Capture to mark windows and mirrors as you scan.
  2. Make sure the label is oriented in the proper direction (inside or outside).
  3. Extend your markings slightly longer than necessary to cover the window or mirror.


Remove 'spray' from the perimeter to make it nice and neat

  1. Properly mark windows and mirrors
    • This will eliminate most cases of extraneous 'spray' on the perimeter.
  2. If necessary, adjust markings in Matterport Capture and re-upload the model.  

Create a smooth walkthrough

  1. Scan positions should be at consistent height and spacing.
    • To achieve this, scan at regularly spaced intervals for a consistent look.
    • You may need to hide low scans and redundant scan positions in Workshop. Learn more.

Example Floor Plan 

Notice there are no holes in the Floor Plan - this is an example of a thoroughly scanned property. 


Example Dollhouse

All windows have been properly marked in this example, and the surrounding perimeters are clean.

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