How are monthly and annual plans different?

Matterport offers several payment plans that depend on the amount of users you'd like to share your scans with, and the amount of Spaces you can hold in your account. You can also choose whether you'd like to pay your subscription fee on a monthly basis, or annually.

I. Benefits of an Annual Subscription 

Subscribing to an annual plan is also the more cost-effective of the two payment methods, as doing so gives you a discounted rate.  

Annual plans are non-refundable.

Keep in mind, both monthly and annual subscriptions take effect (and recur) on the first day of the month following your purchase.

II. New Users 

We highly recommend that new users start with a monthly plan - this will help determine platform usage and scanning volume. Remember, you can upgrade to an annual subscription at any time.

III. Upgrading and Downgrading 

There is no cost associated with upgrading or downgrading your service to a different Cloud Plan - if you're a new user, head over to to see all available plans and associated costs.

  • To upgrade: Check out this Upgrade Your Cloud Plan Help Center article to learn how to upgrade your plan. An upgrade will take place immediately. 
  • To downgrade: Follow the same instructions in the Upgrade Your Cloud Plan article, but understand that the plan change will occur on the renewal date of your current plan (end of the month for Monthly, on your specific renewal date for Annual). When you make your plan selection, before confirming it will let you know the date in which it will take place. 
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