Does Matterport offer hosting-only accounts?

Can I subscribe to a Cloud Plan without purchasing a Matterport camera?

Most Matterport customers purchase their own camera, scan their places, and then edit and host them on their own Cloud account.

If scanning is provided to you as a service (find a Matterport Service Partner) then there are two options:

  1. the service provider can host your Matterport Spaces in their account
  2. you can set up an account for the service provider to upload into

For the second option, you’ll subscribe to a Cloud Plan and then ask your service provider to scan and upload models to your account.

Discuss with your service provider if this is an option. Service providers upload into other people’s accounts at their own discretion.
Discuss matters of content ownership, usage rights, content privacy and access, financial responsibility for hosting and processing, and future maintenance with your service provider.

Subscribing to a Cloud Plan without purchasing a Matterport camera will let you use:

  • Matterport Cloud to host, organize, and manage your Spaces
  • Matterport Workshop to edit the way your Spaces are presented
  • Matterport 3D Showcase for sharing your Spaces with others


Is a Cloud Plan-only account right for me?

Cloud Plan-only accounts are appropriate if:

  • You don’t want to directly own or operate a Matterport camera right now
  • You want to be responsible for editing your Spaces
  • You want to manage the hosting and sharing of your Spaces, including all associated fees.
If you are interested in owning your own camera, Matterport offers financing options for you to pay for the camera over an extended period. Contact us for more details.


How do I subscribe?

If you believe a Cloud Plan-only account is appropriate for you, then contact Matterport Support and we can arrange this for you.


How do I move Spaces to my hosting-only account?

Learn how on this article.

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