Toggle Controls for 3D Showcase

Several Showcase features are controllable via toggle switches within Workshop. If you're unfamiliar with opening Workshop, click here for a detailed explanation.

Clicking on Settings gear at the bottom right corner after Workshop is opened, then click on Advanced. The toggle icon allows you to enable or disable each option independently. For the best user experience we recommend enabling all of these options. 


Start Position

Where your visitor will start at when Start they enter your Matterport Space.

Learn how to set your Start Position.

Name & Summary

Enable About Panel on the top left.

This displays the Public Details you entered earlier and easily identifies you so your audience can reach you.

Dollhouse Button

Enable Dollhouse and Floorplan View.

Disable if the Dollhouse View does not look good (jagged or missing areas). If disabled, all Snapshots of the Dollhouse and Floorplan View are also disabled.

Tour Buttons

Enable Previous, Play, & Next buttons.

These buttons only appear if you have Snapshots in a Highlight Reel.

Highlight Reel 

Enable or disable the Highlight Reel.

The Highlight Reel will not appear if there are no Snapshots in it.


Show or hide Labels.

Labels only appear in Floorplan View and only if you created Labels in your Space.

Click Publish at the upper right corner of Workshop to apply your changes.


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