How are floors in Capture different from floors in the processed Matterport Space?

The floor names and markings you create in the Matterport Capture app are not the same as the floors in the final Matterport Space.


Floors in Capture

Learn more about scanning for multiple floors.

Marking floors while you are scanning serves three important purposes:

  1. You can mark windows and mirrors by floor. Marking features is critical to avoid alignment issues and create high-quality Matterport Spaces.

  2. Easier to see each scan and each floor separately in the Capture app.

  3. Faster alignment. Matterport Capture aligns new scans with other scans on the same floor first.


Floors in the Processed Spaces

After you upload the model, servers in the Matterport vision pipeline determine the floors automatically based on the model's 3D geometry. We're continuing to improve and refine this feature.

You can turn off the multi-floor feature by adding the URL parameter &f=0 to the end of the URL before you share or embed it. Learn more.

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