Sunlight (🎞 Video)

Sunlight has a substantial amount of infrared light, which can interfere with the way the camera senses depth data. This is true even on cloudy days.

As a result, scanning in or near sunlight can cause:

  • Alignment issues - Alignment errors and misalignments. Learn more.
  • Poor 3D geometry - Holes in the Dollhouse and Floorplan Views


Minimize Bright, Direct Sunlight Inside

Even sunlight reflected off a wall or floor can cause issues.

If the site has lots of sunlight coming inside, try:

  • Partially block the light with blinds, curtains, or shades
  • Time your visit appropriately (wait or return) when there are no bright spots


Avoid Direct Sunlight Outside

Use 360º Views if you want to scan outdoors.

Learn more about scanning outside.
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