How do I change my hosting plan or billing info?

Change your Hosting Plan

To upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan, first login at

Next, under Subscription Plan, select change.


Now choose the new plan you want.

  1. First, choose monthly or annual billing.
  2. Next, choose Basic, Professional, or Business based on your needs.
    • Your current plan is in dark grey. Once you select a new plan, it will be in light grey.
  3. Click CHANGE PLAN to enact your changes.
    • Your new plan will take effect on your next billing cycle.
For specific billing issues, please contact us.



Change Credit Card & Billing Information

Log in at

Click the Edit tab under Manage My Account.

Scroll down to the Card on file to edit section. Click on Add a card to add a new card.

Check 'Use as default card for payments' to make this new card your primary one.

To change your credit card information over the phone please contact us.

For your billing and shipping address, select Edit.


Make your changes and then click 'Save profile'.



Reset your Password 

If you are having trouble logging in, reset your password.

This account is separate from your account.
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