How does Matterport billing work?


There are multiple parts to your Matterport bill:

  • Cloud Plan (billed monthly or annually depending on your plan)
  • Processing for the Spaces you created in that month, less the free Spaces processed in that month
  • "A la carte" additional services (such as Schematic Floor Plans, Matterpak orders, or hosting overages)

Your subscription cost is charged at the beginning of that usage period and charges you for Spaces hosted during that usage period, in addition to number of collaborators and free processing.

Additional usage charges are charged at the beginning of the month based on what you did in the previous month.

For example, we bill you at the beginning of February for February's subscription and for additional usage from January (if applicable).

See our pricing at a glance on the Matterport Price List.


Monthly or Yearly Subscription Plans

Subscription plans include both hosting, processing, and number of collaborators of your scanned data into finished Spaces.

  • Processing is when Matterport Cloud takes the scan data you uploaded from the iPad and turns it into a finished, viewable 3D Space
  • Hosting is the storage and delivery of the finished spaces.

Our subscription plans are listed at

Basic Professional Business
Hosting for 100 finished Spaces  Hosting for 200 finished Spaces Hosting of 300 finished Spaces
Complimentary* processing for 3 new Spaces Complimentary* processing for 7 new Spaces Complimentary* processing for 11 new Spaces
5 Collaborators 20 Collaborators 50 Collaborators

*Complimentary processing is not included with the Pro2 Lite camera. 

To change your subscription plan, sign in at Note this may be a different username and password than

Please change your billing plan three days before the end of the month. Your new plan will take effect next month and will cover usage for the next month.

For example, suppose you change your plan on September 25th. The invoice you receive in October for September's usage will reflect your old plan. This will include any additional usage and a-la-carte processing as explained below.


Additional Usage

If you scan and upload more Spaces than what's included in your monthly subscription plan, you are charged $19 for each additional Space processed ($29 for Pro2 Lite and BLK360).

Spaces with more than 100 scans will be charged at $38 per space ($58 for the Pro2 Lite and BLK360).

360º View scan positions will count the same as 3D scan positions in terms of billing.

Reuploads and uploads of duplicates of already processed Spaces do not carry any additional processing fees.

Models with at least one Pro2Lite or BLK360 scan in them will be charged US $29 for processing ($58 if more than 100 scans). Free monthly processing credits cannot be used for Pro2 Lite and BLK360 models.

You are billed for processing only when a Space has successfully processed. For example, if you upload on 9:30 pm on January 31st it may take several hours to process, and won't successfully complete until early on February 1st. It would then count for your February usage. The cutoff time is midnight UTC on the last day of the month.
Billing based on when the model successfully completed processing (and not based on when you uploaded it) accounts for cases when a model takes a long time to process or fails to process the first time

You will be invoiced and charged for additional "a la carte" services ordered in the prior month. These include:



Suppose you are on a Basic Plan. In the month of December, you processed 5 standard size Spaces and then 1 large Space near the end of the month. You requested a schematic floorplan for a Space you scanned back in November.

The bill you receive at the beginning of January (less taxes) is

Subscription for January $49
Additional Processing & Services in December $90.99
Total $139.99

Additional processing and services are calculated as follows:

  • Spaces 1 to 3 — Included as part of your subscription plan ($0 each)
  • Space 4 and 5 — Standard size Space (USD $19 each)
  • Spaces 6 — Large size (USD $38 each)
  • Schematic Floorplan for 1 Space — For one standard sized Space (USD $14.99 each) Learn more.

So your additional processing would be: $0+ $0 + $0 + $19 + $19 + $38 + $14.99= $90.99


Review Account Usage

While the final accounting is done on your monthly bill (invoice), you can easily track your account usage from day to day in Matterport Cloud ( First, log in as an Admin.

Next go to Settings ( and then to the Account Info tab. Go to Space History.


From here you can see which models were uploaded, how we billed for them, when they were uploaded, and by who.

  • Standard  3 to 100 scans (includes 360º Views)
  • Large  101 or more scans (includes 360º Views)
  • Duplicate  Duplicate of existing scan (markings were changed and/or scans added/deleted) then reuploaded
  • Test  1 or 2 scans (includes 360º Views)
  • Red  Space was deleted. Spaces that were processed in that billing period count towards your bill even if they were deleted.
If you rescan the same space, please duplicate your original model, add/edit scan points, and then upload for processing. This will reprocess for free.
If you create a totally new model and then scan the exact same space and upload, this will count as a new model in terms of your processing credits.
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