Can I backup and restore scan data?

The Capture app does not have a way to back up your scan data. Once you delete a model from your iPad, there is no way to recover it back to the iPad. Therefore, be extra careful before you delete any models. How to delete a model..

If you need to free up some space, then only delete models that have been uploaded, reviewed, and approved by all parties.


iTunes Backup

You can use iTunes to create a backup of everything you have in Capture, without backing up the entire iPad. That said, everything backed up from Capture should be managed like a single snapshot of Capture at that time.  Meaning, you won't be able to mix and match specific models between backups. 

Restoring a backup of Capture can also be done via iTunes, but again, the entire backup is restored, which means everything in Capture before restoring should be backed up as well so you have a snapshot of those models in case you need to restore them back into Capture in the future.

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