I can't upload my model

Are you having trouble uploading your model? Check two things:

  • You're connected to the internet
  • You're logged into your Matterport account

In addition, some uploads (small models or reuploads of previous models) can happen very fast.


Confirm your WiFi Connection

Open Safari or another web browser on your iPad, and then open cnn.com or google.com.

If those load, then you are ready to upload!

If not, open Settings and check your WiFi connection.


Confirm you're Logged In on the Capture App

In the Capture app, tap the icon with three lines in the top left. The settings menu will appear.

Confirm your account is listed on the left. If not, then login with your my.matterport.com credentials (not buy.matterport.com)

If you don't have an account, ask one of your colleagues who uses Matterport or contact us.

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