What to Do With Doors & Doorways While Scanning

Consistently Open or Closed?

Door should be consistently open or consistently closed for the entire time that you are scanning. This is to avoid alignment issues and ensure easy navigation.

Use doorstops to make sure doors stay open for the entire time you are on-site scanning.


Before and After Threshold

Take a scan just before the threshold (2 to 3 ft away, or 60 to 90 cm) and again just after the threshold

Scanning right in the middle of the doorway can lead to visible distortions in Inside View.


Fixing Blocked Doorways

If a door is closed in one scan and open in another, then the door can become part of the 3D mesh in the Matterport Space. This can create blocked pathways - stopping users from accessing certain part of the model.  

You can fix this problem using Trim markers.

  1. Find the blocked doorway in the Capture app.
  2. Add two trim markers on either side of the doorway.
    • They should face each other as pictured below.
  3. Reupload the model.
    • Remember, reuploads of already processed Spaces are free.


Another way to fix this problem is by deleting scans.

  1. Duplicate the model in Matterport Capture.
  2. Delete scans that show the door closed.
  3. Scan the area again, with the door open.
  4. Upload the model again.
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