How to Hide Extra Scans

At Matterport, we subscribe to the maxim that more is better than less. As such, we encourage our users to scan their environments more than necessary. The more scans you take, the more 3D data you can gather in order to create a complete Dollhouse and Floorplan view of your property.Screen_Shot_2020-05-08_at_10.05.54_AM.png

That being said, when you're finally ready to publish your 3D model, you're going to want to hide certain scans to create a more fluid user experience.

Why hide a scan? 

  1. A person appears in the scan. 
  2. There are too many scan positions making navigation clunky or cumbersome.
  3. A scan accidentally shows personal or private information. 
  4. A scan is ugly or unappealing. 
  5. A scan is at a different height from the other scans. 

Keep in mind, hiding a scan will keep the 3D data for your Dollhouse & Floorplan views, but you will not be able to visit the hidden position in Inside View. Additionally, you cannot hide a scan or a 360º snapshot that is part of your highlight reel. If you want to remove the scan, make sure to remove the snapshot from the highlight reel first.

Review and Hide Scans in the 3D Scans Window 

  1. Go to
  2. Select the 3D model where you want to review your scans. 
  3. Switch to Edit mode.
    • To do this, click the Edit Space button at the top-right corner of the Showcase window. Screen_Shot_2020-05-08_at_9.57.03_AM.png
  4. Open the 3D Scans tool from the toolbox to the right.
  5. Click the Expand List pop-out arrow. Screen_Shot_2020-05-08_at_9.58.06_AM.png
  6. In the pop-up menu, click on any of the scans in the list to see the real-time location in the environment.
  7. Scans with the "HLR" icon appended are part of the highlight reel.
  8. To the left of each scan, toggle the "eye" icons to hide or unhide the selected scan.
  9. You can also simply hit the Hide Scan button at the bottom of each scan. Screen_Shot_2020-05-08_at_10.00.02_AM.png
  10. Click the "Publish" button.

Review and Hide Scans in Dollhouse/Floorplan mode. 

  1. Go to
  2. Select the 3D model that has scans you want to review.  
  3. Switch to Edit mode.
    • To do this, click the Edit Space button at the top-right corner of the Showcase window. 
  4. Open the 3D Scans tool from the toolbox to the right.Screen_Shot_2020-05-08_at_10.03.49_AM.png
  5. Click on either the Dollhouse or Floor Plan icons at the bottom-left of the 3D Showcase window.
    • Each of your scans will appear as semi-transparent circles dotted throughout the environment.
  6. Click on any of the scans to be taken to them. Screen_Shot_2020-05-08_at_10.05.54_AM.png
  7. Click the Hide Scan icon to hide the selected point. 
  8. Exit out of the tool and hit the Publish button. 

Choose Scans to Hide 

Typically, you will want to hide scans points that are close to one another - reference the image below. Screen_Shot_2019-11-18_at_1.38.35_PM.png

The annotated scan points in the image are too close together. This means that if activated, the user will jump sequentially from point A to point B - two points that are literally less than a foot apart. This doesn't add anything of value to the tour, so choose the more visually compelling scan point of the two, and hide the other.

Unhide (Show) a Scan Screen_Shot_2020-05-08_at_10.08.18_AM.png

  1. In Walkthrough, Dollhouse, or Floorplan views, select the scan you'd like to unhide. 
    • This will take you to the exact spot in the 3D space. 
  2. Click Show Scan to make the scan visible again. 
  3. Exit out of the tool and hit the Publish button. 

Review your changes

Open your 3D model in Showcase to ensure that the navigation is working as expected.

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