Set the Start Position


The start position determines where you will begin your virtual tour - this position can be updated at any time for your convenience, and will also serve as the hero image (the thumbnail that appears before the environment fully loads).

Where Can I Set my Start Position? 

  1. Any scanned position in inside view. 
  2. The dollhouse view. 
  3. The floorplan view. 
  4. The 360º view. 

To change the start position, you must be given Admin or Editor privileges inside the Matterport Cloud.


  1. Launch Workshop

  1. Navigate to
  2. Find the space you want to edit. 
  3. Click the pencil icon to "Switch to edit" mode to make changes.


Edit mode can only be opened on laptops and personal computers.

  2. Set or Update the Starting Position 

  1. Find the desired view and angle.
    • Your starting position can be set from virtually any position and angle using inside view, dollhouse view, floorplan view, and 360º view. 
  2. Create a Highlight Reel for your 360º view (optional). 
    • Creating a Highlight Reel will allow you to add 3D scans, dollhouse, and floorplan views - remember to ensure that the dollhouse button is switched to "on". This will give users full access to the 3D space (as opposed to a single, 360º view). 
  3. Pan your view. 
    • Click, hold, and move the mouse to line up your desired view. You can also click different areas of the space to move to your desired starting position. 
  4. Set your Start Location. 
    • In the controls menus on the right side of the screen, click on "Start Location". 
    • Click the blue "Set Start Location" button. 


5. Click the blue "Publish" button at the top right corner of Workshop. 


  3. Set a 2D photo as the starting position 

To set a 2D photo as your starting position, take the following steps. 

  1. In Edit mode, click the "photos" icon in the menu to the rightScreen_Shot_2019-06-10_at_3.05.11_PM.png
  2. Position your shot to get the desired view and angle
    • You can use the "grid view" (which will open by default) to craft more precisely framed images. 
  3. Click the camera icon in the center of the screen to take the photo
    • You will be notified that your photo has been saved in a pop-up window (bottom right). 
  4. Click "View" to see all photos taken in this particular environmentScreen_Shot_2019-06-10_at_3.05.11_PM.png
  5. Choose the 2D photo you want to use as your starting position
  6. Name the photoScreen_Shot_2019-06-10_at_3.46.21_PM.png
  7. Click the "Set as Start Location" icon above the imageScreen_Shot_2019-06-10_at_3.47.00_PM.png
  8. Hit the blue "Publish" button at the top right of the window 
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