Invite a New Collaborator to your Organization

Learn more about Collaborators and what they can do.


Send an Invite

Click the Collaborators button at the top and then Invite Collaborator.


Enter the email address of the collaborator and choose their permission level:

  • User - Can upload models, view and edit their own Spaces, and share Spaces they've uploaded
  • Admin - Can upload models, view/edit/delete ANY Space, and add or delete Collaborators


The total number of Collaborators you can have in your account depends on the Cloud plan you are subscribed to on


If you get a “This user already exists” error message, it means you've already invited this person or that they belong to another account/organization on Matterport. This can happen if you are inviting one of your clients and they have worked with another Matterport Service Provider in the past. Learn how to fix this error.


Resend or Delete the Invite

After you invite a Collaborator, they will appear in the Pending Collaborators tab. Click the user’s email address in bold to pull up that Collaborator’s profile.


If the Collaborator lost the email invite, click the grey button to resend it.

To delete this invitation, click the red button and confirm you want to delete this Collaborator. Deleted Collaborators appear in the Deleted Collaborators tab. You can reinvite them later if desired.



Grant Access to Pending Collaborators

You can give pending Collaborators access to Spaces and folders before they accept the invite, so when they login the first time they already have Spaces they can explore. You can also grant access after they accept the invite.

This step is only necessary for User-level Collaborators. Admins already have access to all Spaces in the organization.

Open the Pending Collaborators tab from the Collaborator section. Click on the user’s email address in bold to open their profile.

Scroll down to the Access section and click the triangle next to the Spaces folder. This opens up the folder tree for all the Matterport Spaces in your account. Click the “No Access” label.


Set the Collaborator’s access to Viewer, Editor, or No Access for this folder or Space. Your changes are saved automatically. 

You can also add a pending Collaborator directly from a Space or folder, just like if they were an active Collaborator.
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