How big can my Matterport model be?

Matterport supports models up to *200 scans.

Models larger than *200 scans are not supported and are prone to: 

  • iPad running out of memory when capturing
  • long processing times
  • potential processing errors
  • possible failure to process
  • long loading times and hardware slowdown when viewing

For reference, a single 3D Scan covers about 50 ft² (4.5 m²). This can vary greatly depending on the layout of the site.

Models that over 100 scans (both 3D Scans and 360º Views) are counted as large models for billing purposes. Learn more.

* With the introduction of the BLK360 and the ability to scan outdoors, as well as larger/taller spaces in general, simplifying the supported model size to a number of scans is no longer possible.  The limiting factor is the amount of detail and surface area that's scanned. Meaning, a 200 scan model of an empty warehouse may not be a problem, but a 100 scan model of a warehouse filled with racks of small parts may take longer to process and be much more challenging to navigate because it has so much more surface area. 

Large Empty Spaces

Scanning large empty spaces (tens of thousands of square feet, or thousands of square meters) such as an empty warehouse or factory can be done with special scanning techniques.


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