I can't connect to the camera

iOS WiFi Warning

You can ignore this warning and scan as normal.

The WiFi connection is only between the camera and the iPad and is used to transfer data from the camera to the iPad. Therefore, no external internet connection is necessary while you are scanning.

The camera and iPad can connect even if there is no other WiFi or cellular data available. 



If you're still having trouble connecting, follow these steps:

  1. Move closer to the camera. The Pro2 camera transmits over 5 GHz wireless band, not the 2.4 GHz wireless band of the Pro camera. At 5 GHz the WiFi transmits at faster speed but has a lower range.

  2. Upgrade iOS or update Capture app to the most current versions. Then restart your iPad and reconnect to the camera.

  3. Turn off cellular data and Bluetooth. In some situations, your iPad's cellular data and/or Bluetooth can cause camera connection issues.

  4. If Capture informs you firmware is available, update your firmware. If you haven't received a firmware update message, you can assume you have the latest version.

  5. Avoid or remove (turn off) sources of interference. In some environments, other devices on the 2.4 GHz frequency can interfere. For example:

    • Wireless security system
    • Cordless phones
    • Baby monitors
  6. Forget other WiFi networks your iPad wants to be connected to the internet so if it remembers another WiFi network that has internet it can move over to the other network automatically. Forgetting other networks will prevent this. 
  7. Enable Local Network. With iOS 14, some extra permissions were added which can block 3rd party apps, such as Matterport Capture, from connecting. On your iOS device, go to Settings app > scroll down to Capture > enable "Local Network". You may need to force close the Capture app to push the change through.


Still no luck?

Contact us. Be sure to include your camera's serial number.

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