5) Download OBJ File (Optional)

What is an OBJ file?

An OBJ file is an industry standard format for storing data about 3D geometry.

An OBJ file is not necessary for most people. If you're familiar with 3D data, virtual reality, or computer vision then it's available if you want to manipulate your Matterport Space even more.

Matterport actually takes the 3D data from the OBJ and samples/reduces it to create the Dollhouse View in 3D Showcase.


How do I download it?

You can download the OBJ file for any Space you have Editor access to.

Login to my.matterport.com, open the Space Detail Page, and click the download icon.


3D data and textures (Dollhouse and Floorplan View) are included. Panorama imagery (Inside View) is not included.


3D Software

You need a 3D software package to manipulate a 3D Space.

For commercial programs, we recommend Maya and 3D Studio Max. For Maya, you may need to convert the OBJ into an FBX file.

For free packages, we recommend Meshlab. For tutorials we suggest searching for Meshlab on YouTube or visiting the Meshlab site. If you prefer SketchUp you will need a plug-in to import OBJ objects.


OBJ Scaling

The OBJ file format has no set units. This means when you load it, coordinates appear as raw numbers without any scale.

Our OBJ files have a scale of 1 unit = 1 meter

Your 3D software may choose a different scale which would result in a Space that's too small. This scaling may be user-selectable depending on your program.

Fix scaling issues by specifying your scale or scaling the model once it's loaded. For example, if your 3D software defaults to 1 unit = 1 mm you will have to scale the model 1000x larger in each dimension.


Sample OBJ File

Download the OBJ file for the condo seen at the end of matterport.com/pro2-3d-camera. (Pro2)

Download the OBJ file for the modern home seen on matterport.com/find-a-photographer. (Pro)


Can you upload the OBJ file back to Matterport?

Sorry, you can't upload the OBJ file back into Matterport.

However, you can send your local, edited OBJ file onwards to your client and they can open it with the 3D modeling application they want. You can also record your screen to create a video of you playing with the edited version, and then forward on the video.


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