Capturing Objects with Matterport

The Matterport system is optimized for capturing interior spaces

However, you can also get good results scanning objects. The ideal approach varies greatly depending on the size, surface, and other properties of the object.

General guidelines:

  • Place the object by itself in the center of the room.
  • Aim for good, even lighting. Avoid bright windows and dark shadows.
  • Scan the object from about 5 ft (1.5 m) away. 
    • Scan from 8 different locations — once at every corner and once from every side.
    • To capture more detail you may need more scans.
    • Raise or lower the camera. You may also need to raise or lower the camera, to get different angles. If you want to scan the bottom of the object make sure it's elevated for the camera to see underneath.
Black objects, shiny objects, and objects with small details (2 in or ~5 cm in any dimension) do not scan very well because not enough IR light gets reflected back to the camera.
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