How should I ship my Matterport camera?

Handle with care — the Matterport camera is a delicate, precision device.

Always ship the camera as recommended below in the complete packaging, as this is custom built to protect the camera.

Cameras not shipped in the recommended manner may be damaged during transit. Matterport cannot assume liability for cameras not shipped in the recommended manner.


Recommended Camera Shipping

Pack the inner box securely

Repack the smaller Matterport box (box with logo and handle), including all foam panels, adaptors, and hardware.

If you don't have the original box or foam, please use a similar, thick-sided cardboard box. Use packing peanuts or a similar protective filling material.

Put the inner box in a larger shipping box

Pack the smaller box inside a large shipping box, also made out of thick-sided cardboard, with at least 1 inch (2.54 cm) of crush space on all sides. Use the original Matterport shipping materials if you still have them.

We recommend a minimum shipping box size of 22" by 17" by 13" (56 x 44 x 33 cm). Shipping weight will be approximately 14 lb (6.3 kg) depending on the materials you use.


Use trackable shipping with delivery and insurance

Get a shipping receipt and tracking number to confirm that your package was picked up, shipped, and delivered.

If you're sending your camera to us, we can only accept responsibility once it arrives at our offices. If desired, please request delivery signature and insurance.

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