What is Matterport Cloud, Workshop, and 3D Showcase?

After you scan a model and upload it, Matterport offers three tools for you to organize, edit, and view your Spaces.

Matterport Cloud

Matterport Cloud (my.matterport.com) is the web portal to host and manage your Matterport Spaces.

In Matterport Cloud you can rename Spaces, organize them into folders, see Space Statistics, invite Collaborators, view billing and account history, order extra services, and more.



Matterport Workshop

Matterport Workshop is a web application within Matterport Cloud for making changes to how a Matterport Space is presented.

In Matterport Workshop you can set the Start Position, hide extra scans, take Snapshots, add Mattertag™ Posts, create a Highlight Reel, and more.

Workshop is only accessible after a Space has finished processing.


Matterport 3D Showcase

Matterport 3D Showcase is an interactive web player in your web browser. It is how you and your audience view and explore a Matterport Space in its final format.

3D Showcase is available for most modern web browsers across most devices.

When someone clicks on a link to a Matterport Space, 3D Showcase loads automatically  no extra download necessary. You can also embed 3D Showcase on your website the same way that you can embed a YouTube video.


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