How to Mark Mirrors

Mark Mirrors Early and Often

  1. If you scan a mirror, mark it as a feature in the Matterport Capture app.
  2. Add or adjust mirror markings immediately after every scan so Matterport Capture can align properly. 
  3. For best results, mark the mirror a little bit longer than what is necessary.
  4. Make sure the "Front" label is facing into the room.
    • Tap the middle of the marking to swap the orientation.


Shorten Distance Between Scans

  1. In difficult-to-scan areas shorten the distances between each scan position.
  2. For very extreme cases, shorten to 1 ft (30 cm) or less between scan positions.
    • This provides more data and overlap to assist alignment.
  3. After you upload the model, hide these extra scan positions in Matterport Workshop.


Lower the Camera for a First Pass

  1. Another option is to lower the camera's height to 3 ft (1m) or less
    • Take a few scans at the low height and then scan again at the same spot in full height. This reduces how much reflective areas the camera can see. The lower scans help the higher scans align.
  2. After you upload the model, hide these low scan positions in Matterport Workshop.


Camera Appears in the Mirror

Marking mirrors does not remove the image of the camera from the 2D panorama. Unfortunately you can't remove the image of the camera from the mirror.

You can try placing the camera in different positions so it doesn't appear in the mirror, though this is generally more trouble than it's worth.

Instead, we suggest you spend extra time:

  1. Taking extra scans to fill in the preview pane in Capture for a complete Dollhouse and Floorplan View 
  2. Placing scans at regular intervals for an easily navigable Matterport Space in 3D Showcase
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