I can't move into an area because of an invisible wall

Poor navigation in 3D Showcase happens because of the way the space was captured. There are three reasons why navigation can be blocked:

  1. A door was closed during one scan and open in another.
  2. A window or mirror marking was incorrectly placed in the Capture app while scanning.
    • A common example is when users mark skylights as windows. Ceiling windows do not need to be marked. 

Both situations can cause a "wall" to appear in the 3D mesh data that underlies each Matterport Space. This wall then blocks normal navigation for the end-user. Thankfully, this can be fixed by the person who captured the space.



The person who captured the space has to do three things:

  1. Open the model in the Capture app
  2. Adjust some markings
  3. Reupload to Matterport Cloud

Reuploading creates a totally new Matterport Space. Unfortunately, you will have to redo any edits in Matterport Workshop (Start Position, Highlight Reel, etc) on the new Matterport Space.

Next time, check for good navigation before opening Workshop and before delivering the space to your clients.

If you don't have the model on your iPad anymore, unfortunately you will have to scan the site again. Remember to backup your scan data.


Check markings in the affected area

On your iPad, open the Matterport Capture app and then open the model.

Look in the affected area. Check all floors directly above the affected area too.

If there is a mirror or window marking present, remove the marking and then upload the model again. 


Check all nearby mirror markings

Mirrors especially can cause navigation problems. 

  • Check all mirror markings in the affected area. Check all mirror markings on the same floor too.
  • Check that all mirrors in the model have been properly marked.
  • Mirror markings should be wide enough to cover the entire mirror. It's better for the mirror marking to be little too wide rather than too narrow
  • Check that the mirror marking is directly on top of the mirror and is facing the correct direction.

Upload the model again. 



If the blocked area is around a door, switch back to Inside View and look around.

Usually a block happens because in one scan the door was open, while in another scan the door was closed. This can cause the app to assume the door exists it shouldn't be. 

Avoid this problem in the future by:

  • Before scanning, walk through the site and open all doors.
  • Use doorstops to avoid accidental closure by wind or humans.
  • For doors in tight spaces such as corners, prop the door open at 45º angle and scan around the door so users can navigate around it.
  • If propping the door is not an option (such as a door leading to stairs and to the basement), take the door off the hinges and scan as normal. Replace the door after the entire photo shoot is complete.

For now, you can fix a blocked door by doing the following:

  1. Duplicate the model in the Capture app. Learn more.
  2. Find the affected doorway and mark both sides of the door with trim markings. This is called a "trim sandwich."
  3. Both markings must face each other and toward the image of the closed door.
  4. Upload the model.
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