"This user already exists" error


This error means that the email address is already associated with another Matterport account (organization).

The easiest solution is to ask the person to provide a different email address and then invite that email.


Email Alias (Plus Sign)

Another option is to create an alias of that email address. To create an email alias, add the "+" plus sign and a short text string. For example,


You can replace xxxxx with any text you want.

  1. First add john.smith+xxxxx@example.com as a Collaborator within Matterport Cloud. Learn more.
  2. John should log in with john.smith+xxxx@example.com in the Capture app whenever he wants to upload a new model. Learn more.
  3. Anytime you email john.smith+xxxxx@example.com, it goes directly to john.smith@example.com where he can read it.
Email aliases work for Gmail and Outlook, but not all email providers.
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