Does it cost extra to reupload a model?

No - you are only ever charged for the processing of the original model. That being said, there are numerous reasons why you may find you want to upload a model again. 

I. Why Reupload a Model? 

  1. You want to add window, trim, or mirror markings and measurements.
  2. You want to add additional scans or 360° Views. 
  3. You've duplicated your model and now want to try different measurements and/or scans.
  4. The model failed to process the first time it was uploaded.
    • In these cases, you will only be charged when the model has been successfully processed and rendered.

Every reuploaded model creates an entirely new Matterport Space inside the Matterport Cloud - this means you will have to manually redo all of your edits, including Start Positions and Mattertag Posts.

Because of this, we strongly recommend that you take as many actions as possible inside the Matterport Capture app - then verify your actions in 3D Showcase. Then it's safe to switch over to Edit mode and make your changes.

II. Monitor Your Processed Spaces 

Take the following steps to monitor the amount of Spaces you've created.

  1. Sign into
  2. Head over to
  3. Click "Account". 
  4. Click "Usage".
    • You must be either an Account Owner or Billing Contact to access this page.
  5. From here, you can see the following:
    • All usage 
    • All Model uploads 
    • All schematic Floor Plan orders 
    • Matterpak Bundle downloads 
    • Models published on third-party properties (like Google Maps)

III. Classic vs New Plans 

Users who still have Classic Plans can be charged overage fees for exceeding their active model limit - new users with new plans will not be charged for processing, but cannot exceed their monthly model limit.

If you're using a new subscription plan and bump up against your monthly limit, we recommend archiving your Spaces in order to dip back below the threshold. 

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