Does it cost extra to reupload a model?


Feel free to make edits and upload the model again. You are only charged for processing of the original model

Some reasons why you may want to upload a model again:

  • Add window, trim, or mirror markings
  • Add additional scans or 360º Views.
  • Duplicate a model and try different markings or scan
  • Reprocess if the model failed to process the first time
    • For these cases, you will be charged for processing only when the model has successfully processed

Reuploads create an entirely new Matterport Space in Matterport Cloud. This means you will have to redo any Workshop edits such as Start Position, Mattertag Posts, etc. 

We suggest doing everything in Capture first and then verify in 3D Showcase. Then make Workshop edits. 

Monitor Processed Spaces

Monitor how many Spaces you've created by going to and then go to Account Info. (Admins only)

From here you can easily see:

  • Total Spaces hosted
  • Your subscription plan
  • Total individual Spaces created
  • Your Space (upload) history
  • Floorplan and Matterpak Bundle order history


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