3) Make your Space Public & Share

Private vs Public

Your Matterport Space starts as Private (no sharing)

To make your Matterport Space Public (available to anyone with the link), just click the lock to enable Sharing.



You'll notice that the gray Share arrow is now blue and that you can click on it.


 Private Spaces can only be viewed by people who are logged in to Matterport Cloud. Specifically, this includes the person who uploaded the space, any account admins, and other Collaborators you've invited for this particular Space. For an extra level of security, keep the Space private and invite Collaborators to view as needed.

Public Spaces can be viewed by anyone on the internet who has the sharing link.

In terms of search engine visibility, the my.matterport.com domain is not indexed. This means by default the Matterport Spaces you create will not appear in search engine results. However, if you embed a Matterport Space in an <iframe> tag or link to it on a webpage, then when Google crawls that page they will recognize that link and add it to their index.

Matterport does not share your public Spaces with third parties without your explicit permission. The only way someone can access your public Spaces is if they have the sharing link or if it is embedded on your website.


Choose Which Version to Share

You can share three different versions of the Matterport Space:

  • Branded - Shows all public details. This is the version that you usually share.
  • Unbranded - Hides the "Presented By" and contact info.
  • MLS-Compliant - Complies with MLS (Multiple Listing Service for residential real estate) rules regarding external links. Removes branding, removes links in Mattertag™ Posts, and removes VR.
  • VR Showcase - Virtual reality version of the Matterport Space. Learn more.

Other options:

  • Enable VR Sharing
  • Allow Social Sharing


Posting to Social Media

To post to social media such as Facebook and Twitter, first copy the share link (URL) from Matterport Cloud.

Then paste the link when you create a new post. 

Learn more about sharing a Matterport Space on Facebook.


Posting to Zillow and other MLS Sites

While each site has its own guidelines, Matterport generally recommends using the MLS Compliant version.

For most sites, you can just paste the share link (URL) into the "Virtual Tour" field.

For more questions please contact the site you're trying to post to.


Embedding on your Blog or Website

Embedding requires some familiarity with HTML code. The general steps are:

  1. Copy the embed code from Matterport Cloud.
  2. Open the HTML code for the desired post/page.
  3. Paste the embed code in the desired place.
Learn more about how to embed on your website. Learn more about embedding in general.


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