Stage the Site Before Scanning

Prepare the site first so you can get the best Matterport Space with the fewest issues.

You want the place to be beautiful and unchanging from the first scan to the last. Making changes in the middle of scanning often results in issues.

  • Clean up
  • Adjust lighting
  • Don't move anything
  • Plan a path
  • Use 360º Views outdoors


Clean Up

Clean, organize, and arrange the site as you want it to appear to your audience in 3D Showcase.

Hide anything you don’t want people to see such as personal or private items. This includes unattractive and "ugly" parts of the site.


Adjust Lighting

Turn on all the lights you want before starting.

  • Make sure the space is well lit. You can’t scan a dark room.
  • Avoid casting a shadow of the tripod or camera.
  • The Matterport Pro and Pro2 3D Camera comes with HDR (high dynamic range) to help balance uneven lighting, but it's best to avoid extreme light differences.

Minimize bright, direct sunlight into the property when possible.

  • Time your visit appropriately or use blinds/shades.
  • Spaces lit by bright sunlight can be scanned but can result in poor 3D geometry (holes in the Floorplan View or Dollhouse View). Learn more.
  • Do not perform a 3D Scan in direct sunlight (outside or pointed at the sun). Use a 360º View in these situations. Learn more.


Don't Move Anything

Don't move anything after your first scan. This includes chairs, doors, furniture, etc. Moving objects can cause alignment errors.

Keep out moving objects like pets and people. They can cause alignment errors, poor quality photos, or just distract from the experience.

Keep doors completely open or closed while you are on site.

  • A closed door means that you ARE NOT scanning that room and it won't be part of the final Matterport Space.
  • Use door stops to avoid unintentional door movement.
  • If you need to prop a door, do so at a 45° angle.


Plan your Path

Walk through the space​ and make a plan of where you will place the camera.

Make additional scans at points of interest​ where visitors want more details.

Learn more about how to choose the next scan position.


Use 360º Views Outdoors

Use 360º Views when scanning outdoors. You can also take a 360º View in wide open, empty spaces or places with very bright sunlight.

Select 3D Scan for scanning indoors. Capturing 3D data outdoors (like capturing a path to an unattached building) is possible but not officially supported. Learn more about 3D scanning while outside.

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