10) Upload your Model (🎞 Video)

Now that you're done scanning, upload the model to Matterport Cloud for processing.

Wait until you've returned to your home or office so you can use that WiFi network.

Matterport models can be quite large. If your iPad has a cellular connection (mobile data) turn it off to avoid large data charges.

Make sure your model has at least one 3D Scan. Models with only 360º Views cannot upload.

If you wish to use Matterport as a pure slideshow of 360º panoramas instead of a 3D connected virtual tour (as intended), then disable the Dollhouse button and create a Highlight Reel.


Connect your iPad to the Internet

Press your iPad's Home button to exit the Matterport Capture app. Open the Settings app.

In the picture below, <Your WiFi Network> is an external WiFi network (the normal internet).

This is different from Matterport B004, which is only between the camera and the iPad.


Login to Matterport Cloud on iPad

Open the Matterport Capture app.

From the Home screen tap Sign In.

Enter your email and password, and then tap Sign In.

If you forgot your email or password, open my.matterport.com and then Trouble Logging in? 

Make sure you are logged in to the correct account. Matterport cannot move models between accounts.

Use your my.matterport.com email address. 


Open Model & Tap Upload

Wait for the model to upload. This can take from several minutes up to an hour depending on how many scans in the model and how fast your connection is.

Keep the app open in the foreground (don't open any other apps) while it is uploading.

In the model screen you can see the current progress on the "Upload" button.

In the main screen you'll also see an overlay on the model's thumbnail.



Your model is now being processed by Matterport servers in the cloud.

Processing normally takes a few hours for a standard sized space, about 1500spft. Very large models (200+ scans) can take up to 48 hours. Learn more.

You'll receive an email when your Space is complete. Click the link to open the Matterport Space.

Log in with the same username and password you used when uploading from the Capture app. 


Best Practices

Your first Matterport Space is complete! Before you do more scans, please review our scanning best practices.

What if I need to make changes after I upload to Matterport Cloud?


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