Capture Your First Scan


Create a Model

  1.  Open the Matterport Capture app.
  2. Touch the "+" box to create a new model. createnewmodel.jpg
  3. Provide a name and other appropriate information.
    • This is the best time to provide all the metadata.
Providing metadata now helps you organize this model in the future. You can also edit this metadata later in Matterport Cloud. Learn more.
  • If you don't enter the name, the address will automatically be copied into the Name field. 

Scan the space 

  1. Place the camera at your first scan location 
  2. Open Matterport Capture on your device matterportcapture.png
  3. On the home screen, tap the + button to create a new model createnewmodel.jpg
    • You will be prompted to enter the model's name, as well as some other optional information - keep in mind, you can always change this information later. 
  4. Stay hidden during each scan 
    • The camera will spin 360° at every scan location - we recommend walking behind a wall, or simply walking behind the camera as it rotates. 
  5. Tap the Capture 3D Scan button to begin your scan
    • Your camera will make a full 360° rotation, then automatically transfer the scan data to the Matterport Capture app on your device. 
  6. Cancel a scan 
    • You can hit the battery indicator button on the camera at any time to cancel a scan. 
  7. Preview your scan
    • Matterport Capture will process the scan data and create a preview pane of your space - this is a simple, top-down view of your scan. 
  8. The blue "1" that appears in the preview window indicates where you took your first scan in the 3D space. 
  9. Moving the camera and repeating step 5 would add a "2" or second scan position to your preview window - we'll touch more on this in the following section. 

Dark black areas in your preview window indicates portions of the 3D space that were not captured by the scan - this is why you always notice a black hexagon around your scan positions. The Pro2 does not scan all the way to the floor (in order to avoid scanning the legs of the tripod). The idea is, then, to move your camera to spaces of your preview scan that are black to capture all of the space. Remember, your next scan should be within a line-of-sight to the previous scan as you make your way through the environment. 

Choose the next scan location 

  1. Move the camera 
    • Place the camera five to eight feet (1.5 to 2.5 meters) from your previous scan - this distance could vary depending on the total area of the space. 
    • Maintain a clear line-of-sight to your previous scan
    • Keep the camera at least two feet away from walls and objects - this will help avoid distortion, slices, and warps. 
    • Do not scan inside or near door frames - scan in front of the door, or in the room behind it. 
    • Try to move your camera in a clean, grid-like pattern
  2. Tap the Capture 3D Scan on your device to scan again
    • Repeat this process until you have scanned the entire floor - when you're finished, move to the next floors until the entire space has been scanned. 
  3. Plan your path 
    • Follow a normal walking path through your space. 
    • Place the camera where a person would normally stand and observe - avoid corners, walls, and door frames. 
    • Make sure to scan natural points of interest in the space. 
    • Make additional scans at points of interest - visitors will likely want more visual details and angles. 
  4. Scan outdoors 
    • We do not recommend taking 3D scans outdoors in direct sunlight (if using Matterport Pro/Pro2) - if you must scan the environment outside, scan during civil twilight (30 minutes before sunrise or 30 minutes after sunset). 
  5. Complete your scans 
    • Use your preview window to "fill in all the black spaces". 
    • Additional "fill" scans will capture more 3D data, which will make a more complete Dollhouse.
    • Raise and lower the tripod to scan over, under, or around objects (like tables and statues). This will make a more detailed mesh. 
    • Remember, take a full-height scan around tables and statues as well. 
    • Hide extra scans in Workshop so they don't appear in your finished scan.

Know your Capture scanning icons 

scanning.jpg Capture is scanning and transferring data to your device - do not turn off WiFi during this process. 
movecamera.jpg The scan is complete - it is OK to move the camera to the next scan position
capture3d.jpg Capture is ready to take your next 3D scan. 


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