Capture Your First Scan

Create a Model

  1.  Open the Matterport Capture app.
  2. Touch the "+" box to create a new model. 
  3. Provide a name and other appropriate information.
    • This is the best time to provide all the metadata.
Providing metadata now helps you organize this model in the future. You can also edit this metadata later in Matterport Cloud. Learn more.


  • If you don't enter the name, the address will automatically be copied into the Name field. 

Model Screen

You'll now see the scanning screen for this model.

  1. The left menu shows the blue scan button and other options.
  2. The right pane shows a top-down map that is a preview of the model.
    • Since you haven't done a scan yet, it's currently empty. Once you start scanning the preview will populate with all of your scan data.

Start scanning 

  1. Place the camera/tripod in the desired location. 
  2. Move completely out of view of the camera. 
    • Most people hide behind a wall or walk behind the camera s it rotates. 
  3. Tap the blue button to begin the scan. 
    • You may have to wait for the camera to warm up. 
  4. The camera will rotate, scan, and transfer. 
    • Don't touch or move the camera during this time. 


If someone moves into the frame while scanning, tap the X in the top-right to cancel the scan. You can also press the second button (below the power button) on the Matterport Camera to cancel the scan.

Matterport Capture will ding to let you know it's finished and it's okay to move to the next spot.

If you don't hear anything, increase the volume on your iPad. Also, check the settings menu within Matterport Capture to make sure Sounds are enabled.
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