Connect iOS Device to Camera

Turn on  your Matterport camera

  1. Turn on your camera
    • The power switch is the top-most button on the rear of the camera.
    • The blue power button will flash as the camera warps up. The WiFi and Bluetooth lights will also flash. 
    • The camera does not use the Bluetooth connection.
  2. When the power light stops flashing and turns solid blue, the camera is ready to connect.

Connect your iOS Device 

  1. Check that you're using a supported iOS device. 
  2. Download the Matterport Capture app. 
  3. Open Settings on your iPad and turn on WiFi.
    • Bluetooth is not necessary. 
  4. Tap on Matterport [Serial Number]. 
  5. The camera's serial number is located on the bottom of the camera. 

    Don't worry about the No Internet Connection warning in iOS. The camera is connected properly and you can scan. The WiFi network connection is only between the camera and the iPad while you are scanningThe camera and iPad can connect even if there is no other WiFi or cellular data available.

  6. Open Matterport Capture.
    • You will see the camera’s serial number and battery life indicator.
  7. The WiFi light will stop blinking and become solid. You are now connected! 


If you are having difficulties connecting, try our troubleshooting list here.

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