Matterport Cloud Account (

Your Matterport Cloud ( account is where you upload your Matterport Spaces, review/edit/improve, and share with others.

Learn more about reviewing and editing

Learn more about management and sharing

You receive an invite to Matterport Cloud as part of the ordering process at


Missing Invite

If your camera arrived and you didn't get an invite, please check your Spam folder.

You can also request a fresh invite by going to and then clicking on "Trouble Logging In?". Enter the email used to purchase the camera and subscription. 


If your coworker already has a Matterport account and they are an admin, they can invite you as a Collaborator.


Second Hand Camera

If you purchased a camera second hand, contact us to set up your account. Be sure to include your camera's serial number (located on the bottom of the camera). 

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