Apple iPad: Pro series, Air series, Mini Retina series, or iPad 4

To install and use the Matterport Capture App, we recommend the iPad Air 2 or later.  We support the following iPads:

  • iPad Pro series
  • iPad Air 1 & 2
  • iPad Mini Retina (note this does NOT include the original iPad Mini)
  • iPad 4

We don't support the iPad Mini 1, or the iPad 3 or earlier.

Using an unsupported iPad will result in the Capture app crashing.

You can identify your iPad model here:


iOS version

We recommend always using the latest, released version of iOS.  We cannot support beta versions of iOS, or iOS versions older than one major revision.



A typical 50-scan Matterport model will require 500Mb of storage.  Each camera scan requires 10Mb of space.  We highly recommend a 64-128Gb iPad used only for Capture, so you will be able to capture multiple models before needing to delete old, unneeded models.


Mobile Data

Mobile data is not required for the Matterport Capture app.  Note that the Capture app uses a lot of bandwidth, so your mobile data charges may be substantial.

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