Reviewing, Scanning, and Moving the Camera

Review the Map

You'll now see a preview of the model on the iPad. This is a top-down view that shows everything that you captured.


Areas in black were not captured by the camera. This includes around the camera itself, as the camera cannot see directly above or below.

As you do more scans, you capture more 3D data to fill in these black spots.

The top-down view is only a preview to assist while scanning. Additional processing is done when the model is uploaded so the Matterport Space looks complete.

If a scan fails to align or if you delete a scan, then it will not appear in the preview pane, but the scan count will increase. The scan number in Workshop will be different from the scan number in the Capture app. Only successfully aligned scans and 360º Views count towards large models. Learn more.

Review a Scan

You can also review the scan inside the app to see exactly what the camera just captured.

  1. Tap the scan in the map. 
  2. Tap Preview Scan.first-scan-preview-button.PNG
  3. Tap and drag the screen to move the viewpoint around.
      • You can look left, right, above, and below you.
      • This is only a preview and
    does not convey thefinal image quality
        . Once you upload, additional processing is done to improve the image quality.
  4. Check to be sure:
    • You have the right angle/viewpoint.
    • Moving people, animals, or other objects did not appear in the frame
  5. Tap Delete scan on the left to delete scans, and then scan again. 


Move the camera to the next position  

  1. Use two hands to pick up the camera
    • One on the tripod, one on the camera.
  2. The next camera position should be 5 to 8 ft (1.5 m to 2.5 m) away from a previous scan position.
  3. Keep a line of sight to the previous scan so the Capture app can align the scan data.
  4. Keep the camera at least 24 in (60 cm) away from objects.
    • Objects that are too close can interfere with alignment and cause distortions.

Learn more about best practices for choosing scan positions. 

Scan again if necessary 

  1. Tap the blue button to take your second scan. 
    • The most recent scan is always highlighted in dark blue to make it easy to locate.1kyouf.gif
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