4) Mount Camera to Tripod

Open the tripod legs and extend them to the desired length.

For an ideal viewing experience, the camera should be at about eye level. This means making the legs about 5 to 6 ft (1.5 to 2 m) long depending on your preference.

The exact height is not terribly important, as long as it's not too low (3 ft or 1 m) or too high (8 ft or 2.5 m).

Remember to lock the tripod legs when you're done.

Attach the quick release clamp to the tripod.

Carefully slide the camera into the quick release clamp on the tripod.

Tighten the clamp to make sure it is secure. Make sure everything is snug and secure. The camera will be able to spin freely  this is normal.

Check that the camera is level. Use a leveling device or 'eyeball' it — it doesn't need to be exact.

Finally, check for any looseness or 'play'. The camera should feel solidly attached to the tripod. If not, adjust the tripod or clamp as necessary.

Check the mounting periodically while you are scanning. The clamp may become loose and cause the camera to fall.

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