Care for your Camera


Treat your camera like a precise, highly-calibrated instrument.  

As with any high-end optical device like a DSLR camera, rough handling or impacts can affect the performance and lifespan of the unit.

We recommend transporting the camera in a padded soft-sided bag or hard-sided case.



Gently clean the lenses by using a microfiber lens-cleaning cloth available from most photography stores.

Do not use any liquids or compressed air to clean the camera.



Handle the camera carefully and avoid impacts.

Avoid temperature extremes. The trunk of a car can exceed the camera's recommended storage temperature on a hot day or cold night.

Always use two hands to carry the camera when mounted on the tripod — one hand to hold the camera and the other hand to hold the tripod.

Refer to the Battery Storage and Care article for more information on how to properly care for the battery.



Only ship the camera in the original Matterport boxes and materials.

Both the exterior shipping box and the interior carrying box are custom-made to fit the camera and provide excellent protection from shipping damage.

Shipping the camera in only the smaller carrying box can result in damage to the unit.


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