Tripods, Quick-Release Clamps, & Cases

Use a professional-grade tripod and a quick-release clamp to get great scans and protect your camera.

The following equipment has been tested by Matterport and is recommended. 


Required: Tripod

  • Native 3/8"-16 post tripod, rated for more than the camera's weight, stable throughout rotation intervals for that weight, across a variety of surfaces.
  • No matter how you connect your camera - whether directly to a recommended tripod's post or to a QR clamp: best to always be checking camera, clamp, tripod leg tighteners (and the bolts that affix them to legs) for tightness and security
  • Keep tight hold of the camera's built-in handle when connecting or disconnecting it from a tripod. As an additional level of safety, you might also consider (only if you can do so safely) easing the camera, held firmly by its handle, to gently rest on a soft, stable dry, clean surface before connecting or disconnecting the tripod. 
  • Regardless of any suggestions here or elsewhere, throughout your use of the Camera, never attempt to do nor do anything that might endanger your health/well-being, safety or property, nor that of others.
Thread adapters can cause a camera to loosen and fall: Don't use them with a Matterport Camera
Ball-joint heads or other tripod heads, levelers, etc. can lead to instability: Don't use them for scanning.
Because tripod handles may appear in scans: Don't use them for scanning


Manfrotto MT 190X, 3-section aluminum legs

Higher quality, vibration dampening. 

A caution about the MT190XPRO and MT 190CXPRO series Manfrotto Tripods listed below

The Manfrotto tripods below with "Pro" in their model names have a red ring and "Q90" Center column mean to for pulling out and setting a 2D  camera on in a horizontal position or somewhere between vertical and horizontal.

In any position other than straight up and down (vertical) this center tripod post is anything but "pro" - extremely rickety, unstable and utterly unsafe for use with a Matterport Camera. With that said as long as you use these tripods with the post only in its normal straight up and down position, and secured that way - they're great tripods.  

Manfrotto MT190XPRO3 3-section aluminum legs Same as MT190X but has the "Q90" pole cautioned about above. You might purchase this tripod if using the afore-warned-against intention of the Q90 pole with other (non-Matterport) cameras appeals to you. 
Manfrotto MT190CXPRO3 3-section carbon fiber legs Same as MT190XPRO3*but made of carbon fiber. Benefits include lighter weight and vibration dampening.
Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 4-section carbon fiber legs

Same as MT190CXPRO3* but with 4-section legs. Also made of carbon fiber. Benefits include lighter weight and vibration dampening.

Manfrotto 028B tripod - only (but very) useful for standard or extra height scans

This tripod is heavy, sturdy, stable - even at 8 feet up.

If you mean to do low-height scans too, this is probably best thought of as a second tripod as it's limited in use to regular height range and "all the way up" scanning. Though you'd usually adjust leg lengths independently (and you can) you probably wouldn't adjust leg angles independently - just so you know, on this tripod leg angles cannot be adjusted independently

Warnings for use:

While it can scan stably at it' full heigh of 8 feet, its extremely top-heavy at that height  For safety, at least 2 hands should be used to move it.  *DANGER: also If rubber feet should get screwed-in towards the tripod? METAL SPIKES WILL PROTRUDE - good for using on a mountainside, bad for your customers floors and your liability.  BE CAREFUL AND MINDFUL OF THIS AT ALL TIMES! 


Required:  QR (Quick Release) Clamp

  • Native 3/8"-16 post (Don't use thread adapters)
  • Arca-Swiss compatible Quick Release (QR) Clamp
  • Though some clamps may come with them - The only QR plate that should be used is the solid one built-into the bottom of your Matterport Camera. 
Induro QRT70X  Very sturdy clamp, even though removable bubble-level may fall out.
Kirk QRC-2.6 Aluminum and Steel. Made in the USA. Sizes smaller than this are not compatible with tripods due to 1/4"-20 mounting hole.
RRS B2-Pro Made in the USA. Only available from the manufacturer. No bubble level.
RRS B2-LR-II Similar to B2-Pro but uses lever instead of screw-knob and includes bubble level.


Recommended: iPad Case with Shoulder Strap

  • iPad Air Series and beyond:
  • Innovative Care has run out of stock of their iPad Air series cases.

A re-designed version is supposed to become available in early 2017, which may work with 9.7" Pro as well as Air series - this isn't confirmed. After we've had a chance to examine and test these - they'll be posted here once/if confirmed good. (don't leave your iPad unprotected in the interim though!) 



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