Tripods, Quick Release Clamps, & Cases

You need the following equipment to scan with Matterport:

The following equipment is recommended by Matterport. We update this list periodically after in-house testing. This equipment can be used for both the Pro and Pro2 camera.


Tripod (Required)

In general, tripods should have a native 3/8"-16 post, be rated for 10 lb (4.5 kg) or more, and be stable throughout camera rotation and across a variety of surfaces

Always check for tightness on the camera, clamp, tripod leg tighteners (and the bolts that affix to legs).

Hold the camera's handle when mounting or dismounting from the tripod.

Never attempt anything that might endanger the safety and well-being of you, others, or others' property.

Manfrotto MT290XTA3

  • 3-section aluminum legs
  • High quality plus vibration dampening

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Manfrotto MT290XTC3

  • 3-section carbon fiber legs
  • Same as MT290XTA3 but made of carbon fiber
  • Benefits include lighter weight and vibration dampening
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Do not use thread adapters, ball-joint heads, tripod handles levelers, or similar mounts. These can be unstable and cause the Matterport Camera to loosen and fall. In addition, tripod handles can appear in the image and look bad.

bad-ball-head-1.jpeg bad-ball-head-2.jpeg good-qr-clamp.jpeg

If rubber feet are screwed-in on the tripod then metal spikes can protrude. This is good for scanning outside, but can scratch your client's floors.


Quick Release Clamp (Required)

In general, clamps should have a native 3/8"-16 post (do not use a thread adapter). In addition choose a quick release clamp that is Arca-Swiss compatible.

Some QR clamps may come with a QR plate. However, only use the solid QR plate that is built-in to the bottom of the Matterport Camera.


Three Legged Thing Switch Clamp (recommended)

  • Switch clamp that locks ensuring your camera is secure
  • Includes quick lock and release lever
  • Requires calibration with the supplied hex wrench
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Kirk QRC-2.6

  • Aluminum and steel
  • Made in the USA
  • Sizes smaller than this are not compatible with tripods due to 1/4"-20 mounting hole
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iPad Case with Shoulder Strap (Recommended)

A case can hold your iPad but keep your hands free. For long scan jobs, a case can be very useful.


Innovative Care iPad Air Series Case

  • For iPad Air Series
  • Comes with shoulder strap
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Hard Camera Carrying Case (Recommended)

Carrying cases protect the camera from falls, impact, debris, etc while traveling. They also extend the life of your camera life and protect your investment over the long-term.



  • High density plastic case
  • Powerclaw system to adequately compress the foam without accidentally opening the locks.
  • Can carry both the Matterport 3D Camera and the iPad
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