Capture Services Pricing

Please note that a paid subscription is required prior to scheduling an appointment with Capture Services. You can sign up for a Matterport cloud account here.

How are Prices Estimated:

The price of capturing a property by Matterport Capture Services is determined and presented to you prior to confirming your appointment, so you are always informed and in control. The price for a Capture Services job is determined by two factors:

  1. Property size (sq feet or sq meters); Price is greater for larger properties.
  2. Location; Price is adjusted based on cost of labor differentials of major markets

Given labor for highly skilled experts differs by location, and that no space is the same size, this allows the price for Capture Services to more closely fit the realities of the location and size of the property, and gives us the ability to provide you the best price based on your market.

The price fora 3,000 sq ft residential property in San Francisco would be:

$250 + $19.99 (SF regional pricing) = $269.99

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